Intermediate Storage.

immediate-storageBetween the corrugator and converting, mostly a buffer is needed in order to “match” these two processes. During the years, the logistic principle has been changed from “pushing” (corrugator determines the production) to “pulling” (converting determines the production). The functionality and importance of the intermediate storage has been changed also as result of these changes in logistics. Today, a very flexible intermediate storage is necessary to be able to fulfill the obligations of the following production. In general the order length will be shorter all the time and the just in time principle is more a rule than an exception. The Dücker Group developed a range of technical solutions, each of them in a very close contact with our customers. Depending on the available space, number and type of converting machines, flute mix, stack height etc., the intermediate storage will be designed. Also a two level storage is possible and already proven in practice.


Dücker Double WIP – Video