​Innovative solutions for internal
logistics and material flow especially
in the paper and corrugated board industry

Dücker Ringwood Automation

Conveyor systems for the printing, packaging and folding carton industry

Future-oriented concepts for individualised solutions

Dücker Ringwood is the market leader for internal logistics and innovative material flow solutions especially in the paper and corrugated board industry. As a joint venture, Dücker Ringwood has been part of the Dücker Group since 2006 and has since combined the know-how and experience of Ringwood and Dücker under one name, which is known worldwide for reliability, innovative solutions and the highest quality.

Dücker brings to all projects its years of experience in the fields of conveyor systems and robotics, Ringwood its knowledge of material handling. Companies all over the world benefit from intelligent and fully automated systems that control and manage the entire material flow – from reel handling, corrugated take-off, fully automated WIP area, prefeeders, load formers, palletisers, sheetlines to finished goods handling and Dücker’s own control software ASCOR.

Automation systems from professionals for professionals.

Ducker Ringwood

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