Dücker-Ringwood Automation Products

Reelhandling Machine


The order length on the corrugator and the increased number of width and quality changes results in more reelhandling.


Corrugator Take-Off

Whatever corrugator is installed, the take-off system after the corrugator is crucial in terms of the speed of the corrugator.

Intermediate Storage

Intermediate Storage

Between the corrugator and converting, mostly a buffer is needed in order to “match” these two processes..

Machine in and outfeed

Machine in-and-outfeed

The modular designed conveyor system of the Dücker Group enables the “logistics connection” to existing handling systems.


Prefeeders and Automatic Loadformers / Robotics

The Dücker Group offers a wide variety of Prefeeders and palletizers, from the conventional ones to the robotic solutions.



As well as the so called integrated box plants (corrugator and converting) as the so called sheet feeders (only corrugator) a sheetline is an important part of the logistics.

Finished Goods

Finished Goods

After converting the decision has to be made to palletize after each converting machine and transport the finish goods with pallets to a strapper and/or wrapping machine.

Plastic Chain Conveyors

Plastic Chain Conveyors

Safety, cost effectiveness and performance are characteristics that mark for instance the modular system of the StabilTrack®.

Control Systems

Control System

The ASCOR automation and visualization system incorporates complete transparency of all production processes.